CES 5.0, STCW or Detailed test

Crew Evaluation System (CES online)

The Seagull Crew Evaluation System (CES Online) is now even better and more flexible to use!

We are pleased to introduce to you the updated CES Online the most widely used Crew Evaluation System to measures a seafarer’s knowledge during your recruitment and promotion process.

Why CES Online?
CES is a large knowledge database with over 5,000 multiple choice questions specific to seafarer knowledge as defined by STCW. CES is structured to use pre-defined test types with a built in question randomization feature to maintain its secure integrity. CES also offers the flexibility for you to create your own company specific questions using the CES Test Editor tool that draws upon the entire CES library of questions that can be edited as part of your company’s knowledge tests.


  • Online for easy access from all of your offices via the internet
  • No special software needed
  • Unlimited administrative and record access
  • Test results stored in your central training database
  • Pre-Schedule to start a CES test in advance or start a CES test on demand
  • Print CES test certificates and reports



                                                     SAFETY THROUGH KNOWLEDGE

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